Rod End Ball Bearing

Rod End Ball Bearing

Joint bearing is widely used in all kinds of engineering machinery, hydraulic and electric engineering and other facilities with steering mechanisms. Joint bearing can bear a large load, and it is a kind of connection-controlled bearing, which can rotate and swing and is easily used for various...

Product Details

Rod end ball bearings are designed with a steel-to-steel and steel-to-copper sliding contact surface combination. Both rod end joint bearings require regular relubrication. The sliding contact surfaces of the steel-to-steel rod end joint bearings are quenched and phosphate treated and treated with a running-in lubricant. These rod end joint bearings have excellent wear resistance and are therefore particularly suitable for applications that must withstand alternating heavy loads. The inner ring of the steel-to-copper rod end joint bearing is quenched and chromed, and the outer ring is made of copper. Therefore, it also has good performance under the condition of insufficient lubricant.


1. The Rod end ball bearings are rigorously screened and tested to ensure the quality of the products.

2. It is made of excellent bearing steel to ensure the hardness of the material.

3. The bearing steel has strong bearing capacity and will not deform when it is durable.

4. Quality materials and multiple inspections ensure product life.

CTM:(race:Teflon) (E.g:CTM2,CTML2)


ball joint rod end bearing.png

CTF:(race:Teflon) (E.g:CTF3,CTFL3)


a○=Cone Angle. B=Ball O.D: P=Width Across Flats

ball joint rod end bearing.png

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