Swivel Plain Bearing Rod Ends Bearing

Swivel Plain Bearing Rod Ends Bearing

The rod end joint bearing is a joint bearing equipped with rod end or mounted on the rod end, it belongs to a class of joint bearing. Joint bearing is a spherical plain bearing, and is basically made up of an inner ring and outer ring with spherical sliding contact surface. Joint bearing is...

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Many applications require spherical bearings that can be oscillated reciprocally and can withstand misalignment. Rolling bearings can only partially meet these requirements because they are usually designed for continuous rotation and can only tolerate limited centering errors. Therefore, SKF manufactures spherical plain bearings, rod ends, and bushings that provide an economical solution to these challenges. Spherical plain bearings, rod end bearings and bushings are available in a variety of designs and have different combinations of sliding contact surfaces. Each design and combination has unique properties that make it suitable for certain specific applications.

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