Advantages and reliability of the bearing rod end

- Jul 22, 2019-

The bearing rod end includes a hole-shaped head with an integral rod end to form a rod end seat of a spherical plain bearing. Usually, rod end joint bearings have left or right female threads (inner) or male threads (outer). Rod end joint bearings are provided with threaded shank with right thread and all rod end joint bearings have left thread. These bearings are identified by the model prefix L.


The bearing rod end can also be used for specific applications, for example, where the rod end joint bearing needs to be fixed to the end of the piston rod or to the cylinder base. For these applications, SKF produces rod end bearings with a grooved shank and a compressible thread section or with a welding handle (ie, weldable to other components).


Bearing rod end advantage




2. Maintenance requirements


3. High operational reliability


Economic considerations and unparalleled design characteristics are not the whole reason why SKF spherical plain bearings and rod end joint bearings are the solution for any sliding bearing application. Its design, materials and production quality ensure long life and high reliability even under demanding applications.