Application and installation of plain spherical bearing

- Jan 07, 2019-

Plane spherical bearings can be used in different working situations. In the application, it is necessary to select the right amount of lubricant. No need to clean before installation, no need to add lubricant. When the top wire screw on the protruding end of the inner ring of the bearing is fastened on the shaft, The permissible axial load must not exceed 20% of the rated dynamic load.


In fact, the planar spherical bearing with eccentric sleeve and the outer spherical bearing with the top wire have similar performance. The main difference is that the top wire is not on the inner ring but on the eccentric sleeve. The inner hole of the tapered spherical outer spherical ball bearing is a tapered hole with a 1:12 taper. It can be mounted directly on the tapered shaft or mounted on the shaft without the shoulder by means of a tight bushing, and the bearing clearance can be fine-tuned.


It should be noted that the axial clearance of the bearing should be adjusted during installation and operation, and pre-interference installation can be used if necessary to increase the rigidity of the bearing. During the operation of the equipment, the planar spherical bearings are mainly subjected to radial and axial combined loads mainly based on radial loads. This type of bearing does not allow the shaft to be tilted relative to the housing, creating additional axial forces under radial load.