Application and specification of metric rod ends joint bearing in vibration machine

- Sep 20, 2017-

Metric rod ends are used in the process of marking their use of the standard label, so it will be very easy to see its specifications, if you understand the metric rod side of the joint bearing conversion, it will be effectively converted into British rod end bearing size is also very much.

Conventional rod end bearings in the use of the first need to clarify the use of the required size and specifications of the requirements, the effective view of the metric rod ends bearing the length of the requirements of the rod, which also involves the width of the mounting bracket; Conventional rod end bearings in the production process also need to effectively consider the size of its screw hole, because the strength of the jacket and the angle of rotation of the joint bearing are directly affected, the product in terms of cost considerations are very Important, will affect the entire construction budget.

Conventional rod end bearing in the vibration machine also has a good application, it is vibration machine to achieve efficient, environmentally friendly production of basic protection, vibration machine is often used in the construction industry a tool, one of the most notable is the metric rod ends bearings, in order to ensure the vibration machine running a long lasting and energy-saving operation, each action must be fast and accurate to achieve.

The metric rod ends bearing is used in the vibrating machine, and exhibits excellent functions such as low friction, jolting operation, high dynamic load and static load carrying capacity. When the equipment in the process of vibration and swing in the process of the centripetal force is obtained through the joint bearing, it must be strengthened on this part of the concern, the use of vibration machine can not be separated from the joint bearings, and the accuracy of the joint bearing can be more Good to promote the use of vibration machine.

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