Basic steps for the installation of the spherical bearings

- Nov 24, 2017-

The service life of spherical bearing is closely related to the quality and working conditions of the spherical bearing, and is often closely related to the installation method and installation quality. Therefore, in the installation and disassembly operations, we need to strictly comply with specific requirements to ensure the installation quality. Here are the basic steps for the installation and removal of spherical bearings.


First, the concrete steps of the installation of spherical bearing are: The stationary pin of the bearing sleeve should be removed first, and the surface of the bolster bearing should be cleaned and polished. Then apply the appropriate amount of grease to the bolster bearing for lubrication and rust prevention. At this point, the bearing is allowed to rotate slightly on the shaft. Next, it is necessary to grease the bearing block and bearing matching surfaces to fit the bearing into the bearing block.


When the spherical bearing and bearing block are assembled, push together to fit the suitable position for installation. It is important to note that do not tighten the bolts of the fixed bearing block immediately, so that the bearing sleeve can be turned in the bearing block. Fit the other end bearing and block on the same shaft according to this method, turn the shaft several times so that the bearing can automatically locate the positive position, and then tighten the bolts. Finally, install the bearing eccentric sleeve.


In the practical work, if you need to remove the spherical bearing, then first use the special tool to remove the locking screw of the bearing eccentric bushing, so that the eccentric sleeve is loosened. Then unscrew the bolts fixed on the bearing housing and remove the spherical bearing together with the bearing block from the shaft.


It is important to remind you that the two ends of the bearing block of the spherical bearing should be removed first, and then remove the bearing block. We hope that before the demolition or installation of spherical bearings, the relevant knowledge of the operation should be mastered, cannot operate blindly. Otherwise, it may cause bearing damage.