Basic structural features of PTFE lined metric rod end bearings

- Nov 05, 2018-

PTFE lined metric rod end bearings are extremely resistant to high temperatures and wear. This is because at the junction, the liner used is made of engineering plastic with PTFE self-lubricating reinforcing fibers. From the perspective of the products currently on the market, the basic structure of the product usually consists of inner and outer rings with spherical sliding spherical contact surfaces.


At the same time, for PTFE-lined metric rod ends with different structures, it can withstand the forces from different directions, including radial load, axial load or combined load of radial and axial. Due to the composite material on the outer spherical surface of the inner ring, this type of bearing can be self-lubricated during operation.


Because of the above-mentioned performance characteristics of PTFE lined metric rod end bearings, this series of bearings is suitable for oscillating motion with low running speed and tilting motion within a certain range of angles. Even when the support shaft and the shaft hole are not centered, the normal operation can be maintained.