Bearing rod end maintenance variety and operation process

- Aug 30, 2019-

When the outer ring of the bearing rod end and the housing hole are tightly fitted, the housing can also be heated and then loaded into the joint bearing. In particular, the joint bearing of light metal material may cause damage to the mating surface due to the pressing of the outer ring during the tight fitting process. In this case, the end rod joint bearing should be heated first.


There are several types of bearing rod end maintenance


1. Regular maintenance: In order to ensure the normal operation of the host, according to the request of the host and the design theory and application experience of the bearing, set a maintenance cycle and regular maintenance.


2. Fault repair: When the bearing is in trouble, stop the inspection and repair.


3. Early warning maintenance: Apply better bearing fault diagnosis technology, stop the real-time monitoring of the bearing operation status, and make advance notice before the bearing attack, stop maintenance.


During the operation of the bearing rod end, there must be phenomena such as sound, temperature and vibration. Therefore, regarding the maintenance of the bearing in operation, the abnormal change of the bearing can be found by listening, touching, observing, and using a bearing fault diagnostic apparatus, and the rod end joint bearing can be judged to be in a normal working state according to the changed state.