Brief description of the use of heavy-duty bearings

- Mar 22, 2020-

Brief description of the use of heavy-duty bearings

Heavy-duty bearings are generally used in railways, vehicles, and heavy industrial equipment. However, due to the wide range of axle weights, even the bearings of the same series and the same grade, the maximum load can differ by 44% in different applications. The reasons include usage methods, maintenance methods, and long-term requirements. Therefore, it will be very important for these factors to affect the choice of heavy-duty bearings.

The application of heavy-duty bearings must be considered in conjunction with the working characteristics of heavy-duty bearings. Heavy-duty bearings are often under high stress when working, and bearings are sensitive to high stress. Therefore, all aspects of application technology must strive to reduce the stress of the bearing, and the relaxation of the stress is very beneficial to extend the life of the bearing. For example, under the condition that the axial position of the high-load machine allows, the original single bearing of a fulcrum is doubled to two to bear the radial load, and despite the influence of uneven load, under the same workpiece conditions, the fulcrum The life of the two bearings is expected to be improved more than two times compared to the original single bearing. In fact, in heavy machines, multiple bearings or multiple rows of bearings are often used at a fulcrum to support radial loads.

In order to reduce the stress of heavy-duty bearings, and the lubricating film layer is thick, it is preferred to use higher viscosity lubricating oil or higher viscosity oil as the base oil, and at the same time, under the conditions of ensuring good lubrication, The frictional torque due to the viscosity of the lubricant should not be too high.

The interference interference of the heavy-duty bearing rotating ferrule is larger than normal, and this has an adverse effect on the raceway deformation and the bearing life. Therefore, if possible, the interference interference can be appropriately reduced, which requires reducing the interference. The roughness of the surface, while maintaining normal lubrication, because in the event of lubrication failure, excessive friction torque on the raceway surface under heavy load will strengthen the creeping surface of the mating surface, and even slippage will occur. Although these phenomena occur in the outer ring, they are serious Inner circle is also inevitable. The actual fit of the outer ring should not be too large, so as to prevent grease from penetrating into the surface, promote slippage, and easily deform the ferrule, reducing the bearing area of the bearing.

The editor of Xuanyu Bearing reminds you that only after careful and effective measures are taken, the interference of heavy bearings can be appropriately reduced. Although the interference is slightly reduced, the stress state of the bearing is greatly improved. The benefits of oil film are even greater. Due to the large contact area of the rolling surface of the bearing under heavy load, the fit is tight, the amount of ferrule approach and deformation are large, so the bearing clearance is usually larger.

In addition, when selecting heavy-duty bearings for heavy-duty equipment, considering bearing load and fatigue life is a crucial first step, but it must be noted that increasing the usage rate will change the predicted level of bearing reliability.