Causes of bearing wear

- May 01, 2019-

As an important part, the bearing is used in various large and small types of machinery, and some mechanical working environments have many dusts. When some fine dust enters the high-speed running bearing housing, the lubricating oil or grease in the bearing housing is deteriorated and the lubrication is poor. Wear the bearings.


The bearing continues to operate under wear, and as the friction increases, the heat increases, causing the bearing temperature to rise.


Improper installation is another important cause of bearing heat. Because the bearing is installed correctly, it has a direct impact on its life and the accuracy of the mainframe. Therefore, the center line of the shaft and the bearing hole must be coincident during installation.


If the bearing is not installed correctly, the precision is low, the bearing has deflection, and torque will be generated when rotating, causing the bearing to heat or wear. In addition, the bearing will also generate vibration, and the noise will increase, which will also increase the temperature rise.