Causes of surface fatigue failure caused by high temperature of tapered roller bearings

- Jul 13, 2017-

Timken Bearing fatigue failure is a failure of the surface form, mainly manifested as fatigue crack initiation, expansion and fracture process, in alternating load failure caused by the long-term impact of the metal.

Tapered roller bearings using glass fiber reinforced nylon 66 manufacturing cage, suitable for operating temperature of not more than 120 degrees of stable state, this kind of bearing oil lubrication, if the oil contains additives, may lead to shorten the service life of the cage. When the temperature exceeds 120 degrees, the aging lubricant also shortens the shelf life. Therefore, we should pay attention to observe and replace the lubricating oil.

Sealed Timken bearings are lubricated with a specially tested high-quality lithium grease. This grease can withstand a 120 degree of heat in a short time. If the stable working temperature reaches 70 degrees or higher, the life expectancy of the standard lithium grease will be shortened.

To often work at high temperatures must use special grease, but also pay attention to whether the use of heat-resistant materials as a sealing device. Standard contact seals should not be used at temperatures exceeding 110 degrees.

If a high-temperature synthetic material is used for sealing, it is also important to consider that this very effective fluoride material emits harmful health gases and fumes at more than 300 degrees. Especially in the removal of tapered roller bearings to use the torch, more attention should be paid to this point.

1. The bearing capacity of tapered roller bearings is much smaller than that of sliding bearings of the same volume, so the radial size of the rolling bearings is large. Therefore, in the case of heavy load and require a small radial size, compact structure of the occasion such as internal combustion engine crankshaft bearings, more use of sliding bearings.

2. Bearing vibration and noise is larger, especially in the late use will appear. , so the precision bearing requirements are very high, and no vibration of the occasion, the general selection of the effect of a better.

3. Tapered roller bearings are particularly sensitive to foreign bodies such as metal shavings, which, once mixed with foreign bodies, will produce intermittent and relatively large vibration and noise, which can lead to damage. Therefore, the life of rolling bearings also has a certain limit. In short, similar timken bearings have shorter life spans than plain bearings.