Correct installation steps of the rod end joint bearing

- Oct 30, 2017-

Do you know how to properly install the rod end joint bearing? In practice, sometimes we may lack the appropriate installation tools or installation equipment, so in this case, we can use the assembly sleeve and the small hammer to install the rod end joint bearing.


When choosing this installation method, we must pay attention to using the uniform force, and controlling the size of the force. In other words, the hammering force should be uniformly spread to the full circumference of the ring side of the rod end joint bearing. Therefore, the end face of the assembly sleeve which is hit by the hammer should be designed to be spherical so that it can be easily installed.


So, how much force should be used? Usually, when the rod end joint bearing is installed, the size of the force needs to be matched with the size of the bearing and the amount of interference fit. For example, if the interference is larger than the medium or large joint bearing, then the method of hot charging should be selected.


Before installation, we need to heat the rod end joint bearing or the separable joint bearing ring, and put it into the fuel tank or the special heater to evenly heat it to 80-100℃. Remember, the heating temperature must be controlled within a hundred degrees.


It should be noted that when this installation method is used, the technical requirements and work experience of the staff are relatively high. When we remove the heated rod end joint bearing from the heat fuel tank, clean it with a clean cloth immediately.


Then you need to cool down as required. In addition, the appropriate rotation of the rod end joint bearing is necessary to avoid the dumping or jamming.

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