Correct use of smooth grease for cylindrical roller bearings

- Jul 13, 2017-

Use grease correctly; it is necessary to know the movement condition of grease in Timken cylindrical roller bearing. Ensure the stability of grease. The movement of grease filled in the churning bearing, followed by the rotation of the Timken cylindrical roller bearing, which can be divided into two periods.
The filling amount of grease in a timken cylindrical roller bearing is always exceeded; the theoretical requirement of direct participation in lubrication; In the cavity of the holding frame and the bearing cover And a generalization is formed on the periphery of the churning body. In this process, the resistance of the remaining grease and the bearing temperature rise rapidly. Although most of the remaining grease is extruded at the beginning of the work, the grease that is squeezed into the raceway attachment can still be transformed into the rolling track. These the initial period of the bearing work; most greases are quickly (less than one minutes) out of the raceway, while the accumulated grease is followed by a Timken cylindrical roller bearing transition body cycle ; At this time the bearing Timor still continues to rise; until the remaining grease is all discharged; it can be referred to as the lubricating grease, and the quality and filling quantity of the lubricating grease in the bearing planning; This period can continue for more than 10 minutes or even hours.
After the remaining grease is completely discharged; the remaining few greases are on the touch surface of the tumbling body, the raceway, the sticking frame, the effect of the wedge-splitting is a thin a-layer grease film; then the temperature is gradually lowered and the equilibrium condition is reached. In other words, long time lubrication effect Mainly rely on this layer of grease film to bear. In addition, the long working process of the bearing, the summary of the tumbling body and the raceway, and the grease on the adhering rack to shrink while separating part of the base oil;
Different grease in the Timken cylindrical roller bearings constitute a generalization of the traffic is not the same affirmation to constitute a general comparison of writing; it's a short time to walk together; The bearing temperature is low in a long period of work; This is a more ambitious grease; so it is particularly important for the formation of Grease.