Design characteristics and applications of radial ball bearing

- Aug 23, 2019-

The radial ball bearing is mainly composed of the inner ring, the outer ring and the cage with the precision ball in the working process. In use, the radial ball bearing has various designs, and the deep groove structure can carry the diameter in any direction. Both axial and axial loads are suitable for higher speed applications.


Radial Ball Bearings In addition to the standard single row deep groove bearings, our company also offers special designs with dimensions ranging from 3 mm to 600 mm (0.12 in. - 23.62 in.).


Radial ball bearing design characteristics


1. This type of bearing is suitable for polluting the environment and can guarantee a longer service life.


2. Special coatings provide additional corrosion protection.


3. Special sealing design helps to maintain lubrication and isolate external pollution.


4. The setting of the snap ring groove simplifies the installation process.


5. Various sealing ring and dust cover configuration are provided for different applications to better protect the bearing internal components and prevent lubricant leakage.


Radial ball bearing applications


Radial ball bearings are designed for high speed, high precision applications such as agriculture, automotive, chemical, general industry, utilities, etc.