Double-layer seal and load requirements of plane spherical bearings

- May 30, 2018-

Plane spherical bearings in the operation of the general use of deep ball bearings is very convenient The main feature is that the loading and unloading is simple, to a certain extent, can be adjusted directly, plane spherical bearing standard tolerances are: plus external reduction, in operation The inner diameter is tolerated to ensure lightness when the shaft is fitted. To a certain extent, each set of spherical ball bearings is not used alone.

Plane spherical bearings must be fitted to the inside of the bearing housing as a whole, and its products will have various shapes so that they can be used in a variety of structural positions when they are integrally fitted. Spherical spherical ball bearings can be divided into three categories according to the way they are matched with the shaft. The main feature of the spherical ball bearings is that when they are used together with the shaft, they are mainly used to top the shaft, so to some extent Plays a fixed role, but its matching environment requires a small vibration range. This type of spherical ball bearing is more common and widely used in textile machinery, ceramic machinery and other manufacturing industries.

The inner diameter of the plane spherical bearing is 1:12, and the inner diameter of the taper is required to be tightly used in the process of operation. In operation, it can withstand greater loads than the top ball outer spherical ball bearing. Because the inner diameter of the matching sleeve with the same set of models is smaller than that of the top wire outer spherical ball bearing. For example, the inner diameter of the UC209 with the top wire ball bearing is 45mm, and the diameter of the shaft used with it is 45mm. If it is replaced with a tapered outer spherical ball bearing, only the adapter sleeve with an inner diameter of 45mm can be selected, and the tapered outer spherical ball bearing with the 45mm adapter sleeve is only UK210 (of course, if the load is higher, you can choose UK310).

The upper end of the plane spherical bearing will have a certain degree of eccentricity, and the eccentric sleeve with the same eccentricity will cooperate with it when operating. This kind of bearing can also be said to be a special bearing, because it is mainly used in agricultural machinery (harvesting machine, straw returning machine, threshing machine, etc.). Such external spherical ball bearings are mainly used in the structure where the beat is violent, and the eccentric structure. The cooperation can effectively reduce the violent beat.

One of the features of plane spherical bearings and other common frontal bearings that are used when they are used is that they are double-layered. In general, spherical ball bearings are used under harsh environmental conditions, especially agricultural machinery bearings. The seal guarantees that the dust is not easy to enter the inside of the channel. In the last two years, some companies have developed a three-lip-seal outer spherical bearing that greatly enhances the dust-proof capability and prolongs the service life of the bearing.