Female rod end bearing installation lubrication requirements during use

- Jan 22, 2018-

Internal thread rod end bearing work, in order to ensure long-term stable and reliable operation of the bearing, we must maintain adequate lubrication, which can effectively reduce or prevent the rod ends of the female thread rolling body, ferrule and cage between Direct metal contact reduces friction and wear.


First, regularly apply a suitable amount of lubricant to the internal thread rod bearing surface to form a film of oil on the friction surface. As a result, the contact area of the part can be increased, thereby reducing the contact stress and prolonging the contact fatigue life of the rolling contact.


Second, the correct and reasonable use of lubricants, but also can play a certain anti-rust, anti-corrosion effect. In addition, the lubricating oil can also take away the heat generated during the operation of the rod end of the rod in time, but also can take away the wear particles or intrusion of pollutants generated therein.


In addition, the right amount of grease also enhances the tightness of the female rod end bearing to prevent intrusion of external contaminants. And for the operation of the bearings also play a certain noise reduction effect. Currently used lubricants include grease and lubricants are two.


It should be noted that, in order to ensure the normal operation of the rod end of the female thread must be the correct choice of lubricant, this time must be combined with bearing size, operating temperature, environmental conditions and the size of the speed, load ratio and the desired service life and other factors To consider.


Suggest that you should choose the regular performance indicators in line with the relevant requirements of lubricants. At the same time also based on the female rod end bearing operating conditions to determine the amount of grease filling. Under normal circumstances, high speed should use low viscosity lubricant. If the rod end of the load-bearing rod, then it is best to choose a high viscosity lubricant.