Female rod end bearing quenching time

- Mar 19, 2018-

In the process of quenching, the internally threaded rod end bearing mainly heats the steel above the critical temperature for a certain period of time, and then rapidly cools down to perform the hard bearing ferrule method. The length of quenching is not the same as some four hours, seven hours, twelve hours, twenty-four hours.

The length of the quenching time for the internal female rod end bearing determines the level of quality and cost. The simplest and most economical method is to put the ferrule directly into the salt water with a crucible or a stove. This process only hard surfaces break easily. Wanda bearings use high-temperature induction heating furnace for up to 24 hours, quenched and tempered directly. Improve the plasticity and toughness of the ferrule, make the bearing wear-resistant and not easy to break, there is a certain amount of interference when installing.

Internal female rod end bearing end face

When the female rod end bearing is in operation, the light leveling process is a simple process. The quality of the bearing is not to be underestimated. The simple process is that the amount of processing of the ferrule out of the small lathe car is different, in order to save labor. Use more to increase the amount of grinding, the consequence of this is that the ferrule will have a slight deformation, which directly results in increased vibration of the bearing and reduced concentricity. Wanda Bearing requires several workers in the processing of the wire, which ensures the concentricity of the bearing and strictly requires the parallelism of the bearing cross-section to reduce the swing value of the groove during the post-processing.

Internal female rod end bearing groove processing

The car ditch is a simple and labor-saving processing method that can process thousands of ferrules in a single day with a lathe of several hundred thousand dollars. The processed ring groove is not attached, which makes the small ball position of the steel ball force point more easily to make the retainer spall, and there are many fine lines in the channel, which increases the resistance of the bearing to run. With a period of time, the bearing will increase its play, not to mention the bearing's concentricity and vibration. Wanda bearing selection of domestic advanced servo motor channel mill, after grinding rough grinding and then super fine, each day's finished product is about a thousand or so, a large size of a working hours will be hundreds of finished products. The ball is subjected to a large area of force, which greatly increases the service life of the bearing.