How to avoid excessive loss of spherical plain bearings?

- Jan 03, 2018-

In actual work, under certain circumstances may lead to excessive loss of radial spherical plain bearings. This is bound to seriously affect the performance of their performance and life expectancy. So, specifically how to reduce the loss of radial spherical plain bearings do? Below we have to analyze and discuss this issue, hoping to help everyone.


First of all, the use of radial joints in different occasions, need to pay attention to the problem is not the same. For example, when used in machine tools, the main control of axial clearance. Normally, in order to prevent as much as possible the problem of large axial pressure fluctuations, so sometimes the use of special equipment such as axial pressure controller, so as to minimize the interference caused by axial pressure transients.


The second is to do a good job of routine maintenance and repair. In other words, the use and management of radial spherical plain bearings should be formulated with a series of corresponding maintenance systems. Such as daily reasonable lubrication and maintenance, regulate the use of bearings.


The third should pay attention to reasonable maintenance. For different specifications of the radial spherical plain bearings, the actual role and components are different, each has its own characteristics. So in the maintenance of the time to take this into account, regular maintenance of the bearings, grading system.


So, specifically in the lubrication of care, about the radial joint bearing grease lubrication step is what? First of all, we should be cautious in the operation, pay attention to the quality of lubricating grease used, and also control the amount of lubricating oil.


After lubrication care, the staff also need to pay more attention to observe the operation of the radial spherical plain bearings. In addition, during use, but also pay more attention to the radial spherical bearing temperature conditions.