How to buy metric male rod ends

- Nov 21, 2018-

The purchase of the metric male rod end is an important task and needs to be taken seriously and carried out. Otherwise, it will affect the correct purchase and normal use of the product, as well as the use effect of the product. In the purchase process, it is necessary to take into account the six factors of product origin, detailed parameters, real-time quotation and price quotes, product quality, manufacturer and after-sales service of the product, one of which cannot be missed, so as not to affect the correct choice of the product. .


When the metric male rod end is purchased, it has requirements for the manufacturer. The important point is that it requires the selection of regular and professional manufacturers, because it can guarantee the product quality and the good use effect of the product, and guarantee the after-sales service of the product. Quality, if there is a problem during use, it can be solved in time to avoid affecting the normal use of the metric rod end.


On the metric male rod ends, the rod end body can be made of carbon steel. The three ends of the rod end, the node and the support are very different, because: the support is the support point of the whole structure, which may be one or more, and in the category, there is a fixed support and a hinge support. , single-link support, double-link support, etc., the node is the intersection of two or more bars, and the end of the bar adjacent to the node is called the rod end.


In the structural mechanics unit, the rod end and the solid end are different, the rod end is a free end, the solid end is a fixed end, and in addition, the rod end force is an external force loaded on the rod end, which is known, and the solid end is The force added is unknown. In the rod end, there is a metric male rod end, so it is different from the solid end, and there are many differences.