How to control the wear rate of the rod end joint bearing

- Oct 11, 2017-

Regardless of the material and quality of the bearing itself, after a period of time after use it will appear different degrees of wear and tear, which is a normal phenomenon, the rod end joint bearing is no exception. In order to minimize the wear of the rod end joint bearing, the maximum extension of the rod end bearing life, what should I do?


First of all to know what factors will accelerate the wear of the rod end joint bearing, on the one hand is the bearing axial clearance is too small, on the other hand is the rod side of the use of improper joint bearings, there may be rod-side joint bearing Get reasonable maintenance and maintenance.


In order to reduce the wear of the rod end joint bearing, it is necessary to avoid the axial pressure fluctuation of the bearing, and the influence of the instantaneous pressure, such as the axial pressure controller of the special equipment, Effectively reduce the axial pressure transient interference.


At the same time, for the rod-side joint bearings to develop a series of practical and effective operating procedures, including bearing lubrication, maintenance, maintenance and rational use of norms. It is important to know that for the rod end joint bearing, the development and follow-up procedure is one of the important measures to ensure the safe operation of the bearing.


In addition, due to the different specifications of the rod end joint bearing, its function, structure and bearing components are different, each has its own different characteristics, it should be based on the type of rod-side joint bearings to be applied; and on this basis to establish a regular The necessary bearings maintain the grading system so that it remains always in a stable working condition.

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