How to deal with excessive bearing temperature

- Apr 29, 2019-

The bearing temperature is too high, similar to the abnormal situation of "fever". It is a common and dangerous damage to the rotating equipment. If the cause is unknown, improper handling will often result in less effort, reducing the service life of the bearing, increasing the maintenance cost, and even Causes the bearing to burn out. It is the guarantee for the continuous and safe operation of the equipment to quickly determine the cause of the fault and take appropriate measures to solve it.


Lubrication has an important influence on the service life of the bearing and friction, wear, vibration, etc. Good lubrication is a necessary condition to ensure the normal operation of the bearing. According to statistics, about 40% of bearing damage is related to poor lubrication.


The role of lubrication on bearings mainly includes:

1. Prevent metal corrosion

2. Prevent foreign matter from invading and seal

3. Discharge friction heat to prevent bearing temperature rise too high

4. Reduce friction and wear and extend bearing life


Common factors that cause poor bearing lubrication are:

1. Insufficient lubricating oil (grease)

2. The lubricating oil tube is blocked by foreign matter, etc.

3. There is a problem with the quality of the lubricating oil (grease)

4. Failure to add lubricating oil (grease) on time

5. Lubricating oil (grease) contains impurities