How to extend the service life of miniature spherical bearing

- Jan 26, 2018-

Mounted miniature spherical bearing belong to a combination of high-precision components products. Its structure mainly includes two parts, namely grease sealed deep groove ball bearings and different shapes of bearing seat. One of the bearing units with micro-spherical bearings can be mounted directly to the main body of the mechanism by means of several bolts belonging to a product that is very easy to install and use and has a self-aligning function.


In the use of the process, in order to maximize its excellent performance, the need for regular micro-spherical bearings for grease replenishment. However, in practical applications, due to the existence of a number of negative factors, which led to bearing the phenomenon of early damage. Therefore, in order to maximize its useful life, we need to pay attention to the following questions during use:


First, the installation of miniature spherical bearing in the process, we must use special tools, and is carried out by experienced staff. In the installation must pay attention to control efforts, not to use brute force. For example, a direct impact on the bearing with a hammer will have a great bearing damage, but also one of the main causes of deformation of the bearing.


The second problem that needs to be noticed is that the miniature spherical bearing is not installed properly, or there is some deviation. In the installation process, we must ensure that the bearing clearance is reasonable, and the inner and outer rings should be in the same center of rotation, to maintain concentric. Usually, there is a gap between the inner hole of the bearing and the shaft. Generally, the inner ring of the bearing is fixed on the shaft by using a top wire, an eccentric sleeve or a tight sleeve, and rotates together with the shaft.


In short, the miniature spherical bearing design compact and reasonable, easy to remove and install. And its better sealing performance, to meet the simple support requirements. Miniature spherical bearings commonly used in mining, metallurgy, agriculture, chemicals, textiles, printing and dyeing and transportation machinery and other fields.