How to process the inner and outer rings of the radial joint bearing

- May 06, 2019-

The radial joint bearing has an inner ring and an outer ring, and the inner surface of the outer ring and the outer surface of the inner ring are generally spherical.


Generally, a slotted outer ring radial joint bearing and a processing method thereof are generally used. The bearing is composed of an outer ring, an inner ring and a sealing ring, and the inner and outer rings are all made of carburized steel, and both have a soft core and an outer surface. hard.


The bearing processing method is that the outer ring adopts a double slit type, and a tapping hole is drilled first in the symmetrical position of the outer ring of the bearing to prepare the slit position, and then two split arcs are respectively milled along the tapping hole to the end faces, and then the outer ring is surfaced. Carburizing heat treatment, the surface of the outer ring includes two tapping holes and the surface hardness of the arc is 54HRC~62HRC. Then, using the conventional slitting process, the outer ring of the bearing can be along the section of the tapping hole and the position of the arc. Opened into two semicircular outer rings, and the cracks are neat and tidy.


The bearing is shock and wear resistant.