Internal female rod end bearing maintenance

- Jun 22, 2018-

In order to prolong the service life of the internally threaded rod end bearing, it is usually necessary to perform regular maintenance. As a user, we can choose the appropriate maintenance method according to the actual situation. Among them, regular maintenance is mainly used to ensure the normal operation of the host. According to the requirements of the host and the design theory and application experience of the internal rod end bearing, a maintenance cycle is established and maintenance is performed regularly.


There is also a case where the failure phenomenon of a female rod end bearing is checked and repaired in order to return it to normal. In practical applications, for some of the more important workplaces, it is necessary to adopt an early warning maintenance method. Using advanced bearing fault diagnosis technology, the real-time monitoring of the bearing operating status is stopped, and maintenance is performed before the occurrence of bearing faults.


In the course of long-term work, there will inevitably be problems with sound, temperature, vibration, etc. in the internally threaded rod end bearings. Therefore, during use, it is necessary to find abnormal changes in the end bearing of a female threaded rod by listening, touching, viewing, and using a bearing fault diagnosis instrument, and determine whether the bearing can be in a normal working state according to a changed state.