Introduction to the use and maintenance of stainless steel bearings

- Jan 11, 2019-

Stainless steel bearings are used in a wide range of applications and are designed for mass production in production, while ensuring high strength and precision. Stainless steel bearings can be used in a variety of products that are prone to corrosion and general corrosion, such as medical equipment, cryogenic engineering, optical instruments, high-speed machine tools, high-speed motors, printing machinery, food processing machinery.


As a user, special care should be taken to maintain good lubrication and cleanliness of stainless steel bearings. First of all, daily cleaning is what we have to do when we check the bearings. Take extra care during inspection and disassembly. Do not use excessive force to avoid damage to parts. Then carefully check the oil seal of the bearing and its surrounding parts. If it has already presented a bad symptom, be sure to replace it. Otherwise, the bearing will be abnormal and the equipment will stop.


In addition, storage is required, which provides a good storage environment for stainless steel bearings. Remember to try not to expose the bearings to contaminants or moisture.