Machining and classification requirements for inner and outer rings of radial spherical plain bearing

- Sep 15, 2017-

Radial spherical plain bearing can be effectively divided according to their different classification methods, according to the direction of the load they can bear or the difference between the nominal antenna, in use can be effectively divided into radial joint bearings and thrust joint bearings.

Radial spherical plain bearing in the course of the use can be used to withstand radial load, the nominal contact angle from 0 degrees to 45 degrees, according to its nominal contact angle can be divided into a. Radial contact radial joint bearings, nominal Contact angle of 0 degrees of radial joint bearings, suitable for radial load.

Radial spherical plain bearing can also bear the radial load at the same time, bear little axial load, angular contact radial joint bearings - nominal contact angle greater than 0 degrees, but less than or equal to 45 degrees of radial joint bearings, can Bear the radial load and axial load at the same time the joint load.

Radial spherical plain bearing in the production process will have its outer and inner ring, the outer surface of the outer ring and the outer surface of the inner ring are generally spherical, under normal circumstances will effectively use its slotted outer ring radial joint bearings And the processing method, the bearing by the outer ring, inner ring, sealing ring, the inner and outer ring are made of carburized steel, and are soft heart, the outer surface hard.

The structure of the radial spherical plain bearing is relatively simple, mainly by an outer spherical inner ring with an inner spherical outer ring, the joint bearing is generally used for the low speed of the swing movement, the sliding surface for the spherical shape, Angle range for the tilt movement, in the support shaft and axle housing hole when the heart is greater, still work properly.

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