Maintenance requirements and maintenance of internal thread rod end bearings

- Jul 02, 2018-

The internal thread rod end bearing needs to be repaired regularly during operation, to a certain extent, in order to ensure the normal operation of its host, to a certain extent, according to the request of its host and the design theory and application experience of the bearing, set a Maintenance cycle, regular maintenance. The internal thread rod end bearing is inspected and repaired when the bearing malfunctions.


The early warning maintenance of the internally threaded rod end bearing is mainly to apply its advanced bearing fault diagnosis technology, and effectively stop the real-time monitoring of the running state of its bearing during the operation, and make a notice before the bearing attack, stop the maintenance. During the operation of the bearing, there must be sound, temperature and vibration.


The internal thread rod end bearing is used to stop the maintenance of the bearing in operation. The abnormal change of the bearing can be found through listening, touching, and observation, as well as the use of bearing fault diagnosis instruments, etc., and whether or not the rod end joint bearing can work normally can be judged according to the changed state. status.