Metric ball joint rod ends size selection and installation

- Nov 07, 2018-

As the range of joint bearing applications continues to expand, the use of metric ball joint rod ends is becoming more common. The metric ball joint rod end is finished by CNC lathe, with high surface finish and high dimensional accuracy. In use, it can effectively reduce heat loss and pressure loss and save energy.


Combined with the actual application effect, the metric ball joint rod end has a long service life and reliable performance, and is especially suitable for the new pipeline thermal expansion compensating device for high temperature heat pipe, which is worthy of widespread application in superheated steam heat pipes.


It should be noted that during the purchase process, it should be noted that the dimensions of the metric ball joint rod ends are suitable. Size hose nominal diameter, joint type, currently mainly flange connection, threaded connection, quick joint connection, etc., but also consider the length of the hose. When installing, pay attention to the tight connection, reliable sealing and prevent leakage.