Metric Clevis Main Features

- Mar 07, 2018-

Metric clevis in the production process, the processing of its material is mainly the use of stainless steel, copper, iron, aluminum, plastic, metric U-shaped fork mainly in the processing of the map, sample processing, processing, products In the process of surface treatment, will be effective in accordance with the requirements of its customers to carry out.

Metric clevis buyer's tips

1. Metric U-shaped fork in the production of the float because of its raw materials is relatively large, coupled with the vicious competition on the network peer competition, making our each product can not be very accurate price display in front of customers, so we just Mark a symbolic price, if you are very interested in our products, please leave us a message or want to contact us, we will provide you the first time quotation.

2. Metric U-shaped fork section of the products have different colors and size models for customer choice, we will try our best to deliver according to customer requirements, and if out of stock, out of stock situation, will not be able to press Customer wishes to delivery, therefore, please contact us before placing an order to determine the price of related products, quantity and style models.

3. As a seller, we will treat each of our transactions, try to make every buyer feel satisfied.

Honesty is king. Our metric U-shaped fork requirements and control extremely strict, all metric U-shaped fork prior to shipment will be purchased, QC, warehousing related personnel three times the quality inspection, to ensure delivery to your hands the product is Qualified products, please confirm as soon as you receive the product.