Metric rod end bearings selection precautions and maintenance points

- Jan 24, 2018-

Because metric rod end bearings are often marked in metric, so we can directly see the actual specifications of the bearing. Therefore, the purchase process, the main problem is not the size of the face, then what exactly should we pay attention to when choosing the metric rod end bearing?


In order to ensure the use of results, the choice of metric rod ends before the user needs to determine the actual working conditions, and the required bearing size, size is what. Second, consider whether the length of the bearing rod requirements, because it will be related to the width of the mounting bracket.


Next consider the size of the screw hole, which is because this factor will affect the strength of the jacket, and will also affect the metric rod end bearing rotation angle. Of course, the final consideration is the price, which will affect the entire construction budget.


In addition to pay attention to reasonable choices, as a user, usually need to know about the maintenance of metric rod bearings maintenance. In order to ensure the normal operation of the host, the staff need to combine the requirements of the host and the bearing design theory and usage, set a maintenance cycle, regular maintenance of the bearings.


If the metric rod end bearings precision more stringent requirements, then also need to use advanced diagnostic techniques during the use of the bearing running status to stop real-time monitoring. This can be an earlier prediction of potential defects, pre-treatment.


In general, during the operation of the metric rod end bearings, it is bound to be accompanied by sound, temperature and vibration. On the state of the metric rod end bearings can also hear, touch, view and the use of bearing fault diagnosis instruments and other means to understand the specific circumstances of the bearing, in order to determine whether the bearing normal working condition.