Movement direction and lubrication effect of spherical rod end bearing

- Aug 29, 2018-

The main function of the spherical rod end bearing in the process of use is to support, which is mainly able to bear the radial load. It can also be understood that it is used to fix the shaft. Bearings are quick and easy to automate the selection. It is the fixed shaft that allows it to only rotate and control its axial and radial movement.

When the spherical rod end bearing is running, its motor has no bearing, so it can't work at all, because the shaft can move in any direction, and the motor work requires the shaft to rotate only, so it is theoretically impossible to realize the transmission. In addition, the bearing will also affect the transmission. In order to reduce this effect, good lubrication must be achieved on the bearings of the high-speed shaft. Some bearings have been lubricated, called pre-lubricated bearings, and most of the bearings must have lubricating oil. At high speeds, friction not only increases energy consumption, but it is also more frightening to damage bearings.

The lubrication of the spherical rod end bearing rolling bearing reduces the internal friction and wear of the bearing, prevents the burning and prolonging its service life when used, discharges the friction heat, cools, prevents the bearing from overheating, prevents the lubricating oil from aging itself, and prevents foreign matter from invading the bearing. Internal, or to prevent rust and corrosion.