Non-standard Hardware Parts specification

- Dec 24, 2018-

Regarding the inspection and acceptance of non-standard hardware products, it is necessary to follow certain standard standards. First of all, the standard requirement for scratching is a≦3mm, b≦0.1mm. It can be touched with fingernails to ensure no scratch, and only one piece is allowed in the same plane. Secondly, there is no peak. When checking the peak project, the hardware should be placed on the water platform, and the plastic wrap should be pulled vertically at the edge to observe whether the plastic wrap is scratched.


At the same time, it should be noted that the surface of non-standard hardware products is not allowed to have indentation. As for the deformation amount, it is within 0.3mm, and it is not allowed to affect the product assembly, and does not affect the product function. The surface of the product is not allowed to be oxidized or blackened, the plating is not allowed to be colored, and the plating layer is lifted or peeled off. The pupils are not allowed to have peaks or defects.


In addition, when the non-standard hardware products are accepted, no threading or thread leakage is allowed, and there should be no iron filings or debris in the thread. The customer has special requirements to use the thread gauge test; Where the angle is required to be a right angle, a right angle must be used; the angle is checked and no tolerance is allowed.