Operation of heavy duty rod ends bearing and sensor mounting position

- Sep 25, 2017-

Heavy duty rod ends bearings in the course of the use of its rod end bearing damage is very sensitive, in use can be through its special rod-side joint bearing vibration measuring device can measure the size of vibration, through its frequency Can not infer the specific circumstances of the exception.

The measured values are different depending on the conditions of use of the heavy duty rod ends bearings or the position of the sensor installation. Therefore, it is necessary to determine the judgment criteria after analyzing and comparing the measured values of each machine in advance.

Heavy duty rod ends bearings in the course of the work in order to be able to effectively ensure that its host work properly, in use can be effective according to its host request and bearing design theory and experience, set a maintenance cycle, the use of regular maintenance The

Heavy duty rod ends bearing in the course of operation, there must be sound, temperature and vibration phenomena. Therefore, the maintenance of the bearing on the maintenance , can be heard, touched, and the use of bearing fault diagnosis equipment and other means to find abnormal changes in the bearing, according to the state of change to determine whether the rod end joint bearings in normal working condition.

Heavy duty rod ends bearing is a sliding bearing, wear-resistant non-metallic material lubrication type, there are oil-bearing oil lubrication type, product size and lubrication in different ways, in the mechanical design manual can be found in the classification of sliding bearings, Joint bearings should refer to what is commonly referred to as fish eye joints.

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