Operation technology and working state of PTFE lined metric rod end bearings

- Sep 05, 2018-

Regular maintenance of PTFE lined metric rod end bearings, in order to ensure the normal amount of work of the main machine during operation, will set a maintenance cycle and regular maintenance according to the requirements of the main machine and the design theory and application experience of the bearing. In the event of a bearing attack, stop inspection and repair.

The PTFE lined metric rod end bearing uses advanced bearing fault diagnosis technology to stop the real-time monitoring of the bearing operation state, and proposes a warning before the bearing attack occurs, and stops the maintenance. During the operation of the bearing, there must be phenomena such as sound, temperature and vibration. Therefore, regarding the maintenance and maintenance of the bearing in operation, the abnormal change of the bearing can be found through the methods of listening, touching, observing, and using a bearing fault diagnosis instrument, and the rod end joint bearing can be judged to be in a normal working state according to the changed state.

PTFE lined metric rod end bearings require skilled operation. After the joint bearings are removed from the heating tank or heater, immediately wipe off the oil marks and attachments on the surface of the joint bearing with a clean cloth (note that cotton yarn cannot be used), then Place it in front of the mating surface and push the joint bearing against the shoulder in one operation. Always tighten during the cooling process or tap the joint bearing with a small hammer through the fitting sleeve to make it tight. When installing the end rod joint bearing, the joint bearing should be slightly rotated to avoid the installation from tipping or jamming.