Performance and use of the female rod end bearing

- Jan 30, 2019-

The female end bearing can be composed of a rod end body with a seat hole and a radial joint bearing, a rod end body and an inner ring or a rod end body and an inner ring, a sliding layer, and can generally be divided into left and right sides and inner and outer threads. . It has good wear resistance and works well with less lubrication, but under normal conditions, periodic lubrication is a must. This type of bearing is particularly suitable for withstanding alternating loads.


There are two types of sliding end friction bearings for the end of the rod: steel-to-PTFE composite and steel-to-PTFE braid, which have a low coefficient of friction and require no maintenance during operation. They are suitable for withstanding heavy loads in applications where long service life is required or where steel is not suitable for steel bearings due to inability to lubricate during operation.


The end of the female rod end bearing rod is carbon steel, the surface is galvanized and corrosion resistant; the inner ring material is bearing steel, quenched, spherical chrome plated, and can be lubricated by the oil cup to keep it in good condition. The female female rod end bearing is installed in the rod end eye hole, and is riveted and fixed in the rod end eye hole at the rod end body end surface.