Proper mounting of bearings can prevent premature failure of bearings

- Jul 13, 2017-

About 16% of all premature bearings are due to improper installation or failure to use the correct installation technology to perform proper and effective bearing installation, and different applications may require mechanical, hydraulic or heating methods. Selecting the installation method suitable for your specific application to assemble the bearing will help to prolong the life of the bearing and reduce the cost incurred as a result of premature failure of the bearing and the resulting damage.

① cold mounting bearings can be avoided when mounting.
Small and medium bearings are usually cold mounted. Traditionally, the use of hammers and a certain length of the old steel tube to install bearings. The installation force of this method is transmitted by the rolling body, which can damage the damaged bearing raceway. The SKF installation tool only forces the bearing ring that is in contact with the mounting face to avoid damaging the bearing during installation.

② heating method installs the bearing to prevent the bearing damage
Before installation, high temperature oil bath heating bearings are commonly used. However, this method may contaminate the bearing, resulting in premature bearing failure. Now, some customers have purchased the bearings, because the correct method is not installed, resulting in the bearing did not reach the life of the reservation, the premature failure.