Radial joint bearing inner ring spherical surface crack solution

- May 29, 2019-

A proper amount of interference to meet this requirement in order to obtain a satisfactory radial orientation and support force. Otherwise, improper or wrong fit will not only reduce the service life of the joint bearing, but also cause damage to other accessories, due to quotas and Improper can cause bearing failure, the specific performance is as follows:


1. The inner ring of the radial joint bearing and the shaft or the outer ring and the bearing seat are worn due to creep and friction;


2. Cracks appear in the spherical surface of the inner ring of the radial joint bearing, early peeling and spherical displacement, causing spherical deformation and causing the noise value to rise and the rotation precision to decrease;


3. Due to the incorrect fit, the internal clearance value becomes smaller and it may become stuck or cause bearing burns.


Mainly due to the inductive heating technology used in the inductor bearing heater, the whole heating process is faster, more aspect-oriented and controllable. Compared with the traditional heating method, not only the work efficiency is significantly improved, but also in terms of safety and environmental protection. Advantage.


The sloping, roller one-way clutch will be installed in this way, using the outer ring as a transposing member. This is very important for high speed overtaking. In the application of the inner ring transcendence, the centrifugal force acting on the roller will result in a limited speed of overrun.