Radial joint bearings common models

- Jan 12, 2018-

1. Radial spherical plain bearings and common models

GE ... Type E: It has a single-slit outer ring and is free from grease grooves and can support radial loads as well as axial loads in either direction, but for smaller axial loads.

GE ... Type ES: Compared with GE ... Type E, the main difference is that it has a lubricating oil groove.

GE ... Model ES-2RS and GEEW ... Model ES-2RS: This is also a single-slit outer ring with a lubrication groove. In addition, it has seals on both sides. In the load, the radial load and the smaller axial load.

GE ... HS type: It uses a double half of the outer ring, and in the inner ring, there is a lubricating oil groove. Therefore, when there is wear and tear, you can make appropriate adjustments to the clearance.

GE ... DE1 type: It is the inner and outer rings, the inner ring is hardened bearing steel, the outer ring is bearing steel. And, its assembly in the inner ring, using the extrusion process. In addition, there are lube grooves and oil holes.

GE ... DEM1: The material of the inner and outer rings is the same as the GE ... DE1. The only difference is that when the bearing is inserted into the bearing seat, the outer ring is pressed out of the end groove to fix the bearing axially.

GE ... DS type: in the bearing outer ring, there is a fitting groove and lubrication groove. However, it is suitable for large size bearings and can not support axial loads on the side of the mounting groove.


2. Self-lubricating spherical plain bearings common models

GE ... Type C and GE ... Type T: The two outer rings of the radial spherical plain bearings are for the extrusion of the outer ring, and their sliding surfaces are made of bronze composite material. In the inner ring, it is hardened bearing steel, the sliding surface was hard chrome plated. In the load, it is able to withstand the same direction of the load, and smaller axial load.

GE ... CS-2Z type: In the inner and outer ring material, and GE ... C-type and GE ... T-type self-lubricating spherical plain bearings are the same. The difference is that the dust cover on both sides of this device. And, in the radial load at the same time, also can withstand smaller axial load.

GE ... Type F: This is a self-lubricating spherical plain bearings outer ring and inner ring, are hardened bearing steel, but in the sliding surface treatment, is not the same, because the former is to PTFE Glass fiber reinforced plastic with ethylene as additive, the latter being hard chrome plated. The load can be sustained, is the direction of the medium radial load.