Research and Analysis of Bearing Performance of radial spherical plain bearings

- Jan 09, 2019-

Radial spherical plain bearings are a kind of spherical plain bearings, which are widely used at present. Structurally, the radial joint bearing is mainly composed of an outer spherical inner ring and an inner spherical outer ring. This type of bearing is mostly used in construction machinery, trucks, water conservancy facilities, military machinery and aircraft control systems.


In order to achieve more effective application purposes, it is necessary to analyze the bearing performance of the radial joint bearing. Before the analysis, the contact stress between the inner and outer rings needs to be calculated. However, the bearing of the joint bearing is not like the point contact or line contact of the conventional rolling bearing, which is a spherical contact. Therefore, the bearing capacity of joint bearings cannot be analyzed by the traditional rolling bearing Hertz contact theory. The new analytical method must be used to calculate the contact stress.


At the same time, considering the particularity of the radial joint bearing structure, it is currently impossible to calculate the contact stress distribution of the joint bearing more accurately by using only one analytical method. In the general calculation, the average stress method is often used for approximate calculation, which has a large error with the actual contact stress distribution of the bearing. With the development of computer technology and finite element method, nonlinear finite element method is gradually used at home and abroad to study the structure, temperature and friction of joint bearings.