Rod end bearing repair and lubrication forms and specific types of material

- Jan 10, 2018-

1. The choice of specific types of bearings and rod ends are suitable for bearing

The choice of specific types of bearings, the main factors that affect the load size and bearing the expected life of these two. In addition, it is possible, taking into account the use of the environment and the use of these two. The same is true of the rod end bearings, that is, its purchase, but also to take into account these specific aspects.


2. Rod end bearing information reference standards and lubrication reference

If you want to consult the relevant information, then there are some corresponding standards, specifically speaking, for GB / T304,1-2002, GB / T304,2-2002, GB / T304,3 -21102 and GB / 12765-1991 these four. As for this kind of bearing lubrication, there are two forms, one wear-resistant non-metallic material lubrication type, and the second is the oil lubrication type. As for how to choose, it is up to the actual situation.


3. Rod end bearing maintenance

Rod end bearing repair, but also an important task, because it relates to the normal work of bearings and use, therefore, can not be taken care of, to avoid adverse effects. And, it is a maintenance category, is:


Regular maintenance: its main purpose is to ensure that the host can work properly, therefore, is based on host requirements and bearing design theory, set a reasonable maintenance cycle, and strictly enforced.

Maintenance problems: the rod end of the bearing failure occurs when the problem is generally the first to stop using, and then check and repair work.

Early warning maintenance: through some advanced fault diagnosis technology, real-time monitoring of the bearing state of work, so that bearings in the fault before the problem, eliminate its hidden dangers, thereby avoiding the emergence of the problem.


4. Rod end of the joint bearing whether there is a simplified drawing and external thread type material

Rod end of the joint bearings, from the current point of view, there is no simplified method, but also in the bearing library, there is no. The attachment painting, is taken from the bearing assembly drawing view of all directions, and thus come. Male threaded rod end of the spherical plain bearings, which is one of the rod end of the bearing in the material, the use of bearing steel.