Rod end bearings installation requirements and operational skills

- Sep 22, 2017-

Rod end bearings can be effectively used in the absence or can not use the press of the place, you can use the mounting sleeve and small hammer to install the end pole bearings, hammering force should be even low spread to the end of the end of the end of the bearing ring, So the end of the hood should be made spherical.

The force required to install the rod end bearing is related to the size of the joint bearing and the size of the interference fit. In the case of a medium-sized or large-sized joint bearing which is relatively large in interference, it is necessary to use a hot- Place the end bearing ring into the tank or special heater to evenly heated to 80-100 ° C, no more than 100 ° C.

Hot-runner end bearings require a number of operating skills, when the joint bearing from the heating tank or heater removed, should immediately use a clean cloth to wipe the surface of the bearing bearing oil and attachments (note that can not use cotton), and then Placed in front of the mating surface, in a single operation to push the shoulder bearing the place to withstand the shoulder.

Rod end bearings in the cooling process should always be tightened, or with a small hammer through the fitting sleeve tapping the joint bearing to keep it tight. Install the end rod bearings should be slightly rotated when the joint bearings, to avoid the installation of dumping or stuck phenomenon.

Rod end bearings outer ring and shell hole for the tight fit can also be installed after the shell into the joint bearing. Especially the light metal material of the joint bearing, in the tight fit process, may be due to its outer ring into the mating surface damage caused by the case, in which case should be the first end of the joint bearing heating.

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