Rod End Joint Bearing Operating Temperature and The Use of Requirements

- Sep 13, 2017-

Rod end joint bearing the use of temperature, the general situation is the rod end joint bearing room outside the temperature to be effectively inferred, the rod end joint bearing if it has the ability to directly measure the product of its outer ring temperature, the more bit suitable.

Under normal circumstances, the temperature of the rod end joint bearing will be effective with the operation of its products began to slowly rise, about 2 hours after they can reach its steady state, the product of the normal temperature because of its machine heat capacity, heat, Speed and load.

Rod end joint bearing

If the product is running at the time of its temperature is a sharp rise, will reach an unusually high temperature, in such circumstances must stop the product to run, and then effectively take the necessary precautions. 

Rod end joint bearing using the thermal sensor can always monitor the working temperature of the rod end bearing, and then effectively achieve its temperature exceeds its specified value is automatically alarm or stop to prevent the occurrence of its shaft accident, according to their different types and Structure, can effectively bear the axial load, radial load and axial co-existence of the joint load.

Rod end joint bearing due to the fact that the composite material is to be mounted on the outer spherical surface of the inner ring, the bearing can be self-lubricated during operation and is normally used for its low-speed swing motion, Tilt within a certain range of movement.

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