Rod End Joint Bearing Precautions

- Apr 27, 2018-

Rod end joint bearing has good temperature resistance, but also can withstand loss, stable performance and safe use during use. In addition, there is a long service life and there will be no frequent replacement of the new problem.


Rod end joint bearings can be divided into two types, internal thread series and external thread series. Internal thread is SIG and external thread is SAG.


For the installation of rod end joint bearings, if there is no press, the assembly sleeve and the hammer can be used. The hammered end face of the assembly sleeve should be made into a spherical shape so that the installation work can be smoothly performed. The size of the required force in the installation process is mainly related to the size of the joint bearing and the amount of fit interference.


Rod-end joint bearings, to be skilled in installation techniques. Also, when the bearing is removed from the heating tank or heater, the attachments on the surface of the bearing should be removed immediately. Take care to clean it with a clean cloth and do not wipe it with cotton yarn. The bearing can be rotated slightly during installation to avoid stuck problems.