Rod end spherical bearing characteristics and classification requirements

- Aug 20, 2018-

The rod end spherical bearing is a deep groove ball bearing in the process of use, and the rolling element inside is a steel ball. When the operation is performed, the general deep groove ball bearing is convenient to use, and the main feature is that the loading and unloading is simple and can be adjusted. The standard tolerance of the outer spherical ball bearing is: internal plus external subtraction, and the inner diameter is adjusted to ensure the lightness when mated with the shaft.

The rod end spherical bearings are not used separately. They must be equipped with the whole machine inside the bearing seat during the operation. The various shapes of the products are suitable for a variety of structural positions. The products are in accordance with the shaft. Match the way to classify.

Rod end spherical bearings also have a double seal when operating, mainly because the environmental conditions of the general spherical ball bearings are more demanding, especially for agricultural machinery bearings, and the double seals ensure that dust does not easily enter the ditch. Inside the road, in the past two years, some companies have developed a three-lip sealed outer spherical bearing to greatly enhance the dustproof capacity and extend the service life of the bearing.

The rod end spherical bearing is used in conjunction with the adapter sleeve when it is used. The outer spherical ball bearing is characterized by being able to withstand a larger load than the outer spherical ball bearing. Because the inner diameter of the same type of adapter is smaller than that of the outer spherical ball bearing, for example, the outer diameter of the outer spherical ball bearing UC209 is 45mm, and the diameter of the shaft used with it is 45mm.

The high standard section size of the keel machine: the flange height is higher than the national standard, the inertia is huge, the structure stability is strong, and the construction is convenient. Good stability and longer ceiling life. The keel is not only easy to use, but also has a combined strength and stability. The use period is longer, and it has the advantages of saving materials and low comprehensive cost.