Rod end spherical bearing performance description

- Aug 15, 2018-

Rod end spherical bearings play an important role in the work, just like the joints of the human body. At present, rod end spherical bearings have been widely used in the movable part of aircraft wings, the connection part of aircraft engines and wings, and the switch of various doors of aircraft. Partly, as well as helicopters, trains, motor vehicles, power stations, construction machinery, ships, gaming equipment, aerospace and many other fields.


Rod end spherical bearing product performance profile:

Since the product is specially designed for the structural design, the rolling thread on the outer circumference of the outer ring allows the bearing to be easily mounted to the housing. In the actual installation, you only need to tighten the screws to fix them without any gaps. In addition, the spherical surface of the bearing is large, so it can carry a large axial load.


In fact, we can think of the rod end spherical bearing as a spherical plain bearing. Usually, the ball stud of the bearing can ensure smooth running with a small gap. The rod end spherical bearing has strong anti-wear performance and large swing angle, and is suitable for the link motion mechanism of various types of automatic machine tools.