Rod end type and structure and self lubrication

- May 25, 2018-

The rod-end joint bearing is a spherical sliding bearing to a certain degree. In operation, the basic type is composed of an inner ring and a outer ring having a spherical sliding spherical contact surface. During manufacture, the joint bearing is mainly composed of an outer ring inner ring and an inner ring. The outer ring of the sphere is composed of, to a certain extent, able to withstand a large load.

The rod end joint bearing can effectively according to its different types and structures, can effectively bear the radial load, the axial load or the combined load of the radial and axial simultaneous existence in the course of operation. The composite material is embedded on the outer spherical surface so that the bearing can be self-lubricating during operation. It is generally used for low-speed swing motions, and can also be tilted within a certain range of angles. When the support shaft and the bore of the shaft shell have a different heart, they can still work normally.

The self-lubricating joint auxiliary bearing of rod end joint bearing should be used in its water conservancy and professional machinery industries. When it is used, it is mainly because of the large spherical sliding contact area of the joint bearing and the large inclination angle. When it is used, it is also used. Because most of the joint bearings take special processing methods, such as surface phosphating, galvanizing, chrome plating or sliding surface lining, inserts, spraying and so on. Therefore, it has a large load capacity and impact resistance, and has the characteristics of corrosion resistance, wear resistance, self-aligning, good lubrication or self-lubricating non-lubricant contamination. Even if the installation is misplaced, it can work normally.

Rod end bearings can be fitted with rods and hammers to install rod end bearings when not in use. The hammering force should be evenly transmitted to the entire circumference of the end face of the end-bearing rod bearing ring. Therefore, the hammered end face of the fitting sleeve should be made into a spherical shape.

The force required for the use of the rod end joint bearing when it is used is related to the size of the joint bearing and the size of the fitting interference. For the large or medium-sized or large-size joint bearings with large interference, the hot loading method is commonly used. Before hot loading, put the rod end joint bearing or the separable joint bearing ferrule in the tank or dedicated heater and heat evenly to 80-100°C. Do not exceed 100°C.