Rod ends heim joints features and advantages

- Jul 26, 2019-

The rod ends heim joint is mainly used for the support portion where the concentricity is not high, the working surface pressure is large, and the slow swinging and the turning motion are performed. Rod end joint bearings, which are sliding bearings, are wear-resistant non-metallic material lubrication type, and also have oil passage lubrication type.


Rod end joint features


1. The rod end joint can withstand a large force, and the direct contact between the surface and the surface is directly contacted with the point (line), and the bearing capacity is much larger.


2. Bearings without rolling elements have lower bearing speeds than rolling elements, and joint bearings have no rolling elements, so the running speed is low.


3. It can bear shaft and radial force at the same time and has a large impact load.


4. Most of the joint bearings have a special process, with self-aligning, and it can operate normally even if the installation is slightly misaligned.