Rod ends spherical bearings advantages

- May 04, 2018-

The purchase of rod-end spherical bearings is for the product price, as well as the wholesale price, as well as the market conditions of the bearing, product picture information and manufacturers, etc. These are specific, among which the manufacturer mainly depends on the production scale and reputation of the manufacturer. Word of mouth and after-sales service, etc., in addition to product quality assurance.


The essence of the rod ends spherical bearings are spherical plain bearing because the ball stud is used to ensure the smooth running of the bearing with a small clearance. With good anti-wear performance and large swing angle, it can have good effect in some occasions and fields.


Rod ends spherical bearings, in the use of the process should pay attention to avoid excessive running noise, to avoid excessive speed and frequency, increase the bearing load; to avoid bearing load is too large, otherwise it will lead to bearing eccentricity.