Rose joint bearing performance

- Jun 24, 2019-

The layout and mechanism of the rose joint bearing are different from those of the rolling bearing, so the joint bearing has its own skill characteristics and maintenance requirements.

1, the temperature of things

The temperature of the joint bearing is determined by the matched material between the sliding surfaces of the bearing. It is the sliding surface of the plastic material of the self-lubricating pivot bearing. The bearing capacity will drop when the temperature is high. For example, when the sliding surface material of a lubricated hinge bearing is paired with steel/steel, the allowable temperature depends on the allowable temperature of the lubricant. However, for all lubricated and self-lubricating pivot bearings, they can be used in the temperature range of -30 ° C ~ +80 ° C, and maintain the correct ability to withstand.

2, the angle of inclination

The inclination of the joint bearing is much larger than that of the generally adjustable rolling bearing. It is suitable for use in the bearing part where the degree of concentricity is not high. The inclination of the pivot bearing varies with the size, type, sealing device and support of the bearing layout. The inclination angle of the radial hub bearing is 3°-15°, the inclination angle of the angular sling hub bearing is 2°~3°, and the inclination angle of the thrust pivot bearing is 6°~9°.

3, common

In any environment, the joints selected for the joint bearing shall not cause uneven deformation of the ferrule, and the summary of the common sub-levels and grades shall be determined according to the bearing type, the supporting situation and the size of the load.

4, loading and unloading

The loading and unloading of the joint bearing should be based on the principle that the force applied by the assembly and disassembly cannot be directly notified through the spherical sliding surface. In addition, auxiliary loading and unloading things, such as sleeves, detachers, etc., should be used to directly and evenly apply the loading and unloading force applied by the outside to the common ferrule, or to carry out load-free loading and unloading with auxiliary means such as heating.

5, installation

When assembling the hub bearing series, it is necessary to specifically look at the position of the outer ring branching surface. In order to prevent the load from directly affecting the branching surface, it is necessary to maintain the branching surface at a right angle to the matching deflection.

6, lubrication

When the rate at which the load is applied and the oscillating motion occur is small, the oil-filled hub bearing can be operated in a non-lubricated environment. In spite of the clouds, the general situation must be supplemented with oil on schedule. During the sub-installation operation, the initiation of the lubrication cycle needs to be moderately shortened.

The above is the coherent content of the joint bearing manufacturer's comment on the function of the joint bearing. The hub bearing manufacturer talks about the coherence function of the joint bearing to help the joint