Sealing requirements and inner diameter ratio of miniature spherical bearings

- Jul 09, 2018-

Micro-spherical bearings are compared with other common bearings when operating. Another feature is the use of double-layer seals, mainly because the general environmental conditions of the outer spherical ball bearings are harsh, especially for agricultural machinery bearings. The layer seal ensures that dust does not easily enter the interior of its channel.


The upper end of the bearing of the miniature spherical bearing will have a certain degree of eccentricity. When the operation is performed, there will be an eccentric sleeve with the same eccentricity. This type of bearing can also be said to be a special bearing, mainly because it is used on agricultural machinery. The outer spherical ball bearings are mainly used in the structure where the beating is relatively fierce, and the cooperation of the eccentric structure can effectively reduce the violent beating.


The micro spherical bearing has a taper inner diameter ratio of 1:12 ratio. In the process of use, it needs to be used together with a tight fit. The characteristics of this kind of outer spherical ball bearing are: it can withstand the outer spherical ball of the top wire The bearing has a larger load. Because the inner diameter of the same type of adapter sleeve is smaller than that of the outer spherical ball bearing.